Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Secret to Social Media Success

As we approach our 5th year in business, I’ve been reflecting on how much the industry has changed over the past few years, yet I continue to see common questions/comments/concerns from small business owners.

Wanna know the secret to social media success?

It’s consistency.

Consistency in your messages, activity and communication strategy.

If you think you’re going to grow a strong social media following within your first week online, it’s most likely not going to happen. Social media success takes time.

It’s not that it’s “a lot of work” to maintain a business profile on social media, but it’s important to have consistent daily management and maintenance.

Social channels like Twitter are a powerful communication tool for any small business. It’s a great way to build up brand awareness and get your product/service/company in front of potential customers just by organic interaction and being active on Twitter. But be warned, it takes more than a single promotional tweet to get people familiar with your brand. Use this social channel to network with potential customers, share product information and address FAQs. This is also a great way for potential customers to interact directly with a company and ask questions before purchasing, or even post-purchase customer service.

Why we work with a minimum 3 month contract
We manage many social media channels for small businesses across North America, and the reason why we only sign clients up for a minimum of 3 months management contract is because your social channels won’t be where they need to be in the first week, or even first month. It takes time to build up a strong social media presence, foster loyal followers, and build brand awareness online.

Need a little help with your social media, contact us today!

We also offers social media training sessions for those small business owners looking to keep a handle on their own social channels, but are in need of a little help to guide them in the right direction. Our training sessions are customized to your social media needs, they generally last 2 hours, and cost $35/hour. Sign up for a training session today!

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