Monday, November 30, 2015

Our Christmas Planner Is Now Available

I’m thrilled to announce that our Christmas Planner is now up on Etsy.

I have changed the design of the planner a bit from last year, mostly because I’ve been playing around with design options for another planner, and decided to carry over that design to my new Christmas Planner.

Here’s what’s included:
- Cover
- Gift Planner
- Christmas Gift Budget
- Online Gift Tracker
- Holiday Cleaning List
- Christmas Decor Inventory
- Shopping List
- Christmas Baking List
- Christmas Dinner Menu
- Family Traditions
- Christmas Card List
- Thank You Tracker
- To Do List
- Notes Page x 2
- December Calendar

Tips for using this planner:
I personally like to work backwards when it comes to planning a big event like Christmas dinner. First, I start with the calendar, marking out which days we`re having company over, and which days we`re doing the dinners on. We generally go to the in-laws for Christmas Eve, then cook our family dinner on Christmas, and host brunch on Boxing Day.

I like to start with planning what we want to have for dinner, what snacks we`re going to be serving throughout the day, what Christmas baking we plan to do, and what Christmas traditions we plan to follow – generally we do some during dinner and a few pre-dinner traditions.

Once this is all planned out, I`m able to make our grocery list. I also use our notes section to mark-up reminders and create my own to-do-list leading up to Christmas. I also use this section to write down which Christmas décor items that I need to pull out of storage, and a few things to purchase. I then pop back into our calendar to mark-up days that I want to get things done by, ie what day to go grocery shopping, and when we plan to do our Christmas baking.

Once the tree goes up, I`m able to add to the shopping list what Christmas decorations needs to be replaced, or new items that need to be purchased. If you stay on top of your Christmas Décor Inventory from the year before, you should have a wonderfully organized list that you can work with. If not, keep the Christmas décor inventory list for when you put your Christmas stuff away. You can also use this to mark-up notes like where you put certain Christmas decorations, if they don’t all go in one place.

I personally like to do a lot of online shopping around this time of year as the malls can get quite busy with the mad Christmas rush. I use our gift planner to work out who we plan to buy gifts for, and write down gift ideas. I also LOVE using our Christmas gift budget sheet to stay on track as it`s so easy to over spend this time of year. I also use our Online Gift Tracker to track packages, and make sure they`ve arrived.

Before our family arrives I do a massive clean of our house. I of course use our Holiday Cleaning List to plan out what rooms need to be cleaned/organized/re-arranged in preparation for the arrival of our guests.

Before I make the final touches on our shopping list, I make out a Christmas Card List. This way I know how many people we`re sending out Christmas cards to, and then I add this to our grocery list. Once I`m done with all this, we then have one massive shopping list … well to be honest, I generally make 2 lists. Once is pre-Christmas prep shopping list with Christmas baking items and other Christmas décor that I need for the house, along with any cleaning stuff I need. The second list is for our Christmas dinner that I of course don`t buy until the week of Christmas.

I personally find having a well mapped out plan like this really helps me stay organized amongst the chaos of the holiday season while visiting with family members.

Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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