Sunday, September 14, 2014

6 Ways Your Brand Can Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day

Ahoy! We’re talking like pirates in the office this week, in honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day! This is one of those fun holidays that we can’t help but celebrate. Fortunately, it’s not all non-sense. From a marketer’s point of view, we can certainly benefit from this fun international holiday.  

When using social media, brands should try to convey a fun personality at times, in order to avoid the robotic, sales funnel trap. One of the ways brands can do this is by celebrating parody events that have taken the world by storm. Aye! International Talk Like a Pirate Day is one those events to take advantage of. In fact, this holiday is so popular online, each and every year, more and more businesses are incorporating this holiday into their branding.

Don’t let your brand get left out and sink its ship. Join in on the fun! Here are 6 ways your brand can celebrate talk like a pirate day:

Be Human, Matey!
If you’re having fun with this holiday in the office, don’t be afraid to show it! Add some human elements into your social media strategy – don’t solely focus on the sales side of social media. Consider sharing a photo of your staff members dressed as pirates. This will not only make your social media channels look good, but it will also boost employee morale!

Make Your Own Pirate Video, Me Hearties
We know cat videos often take over the internet, but on this special day, pirate videos rule the domain. Avast ye, videos make for great branding tools. Make a funny video and your followers will laugh and likely share! If you’re looking for some inspiration, simply search pirate videos on Youtube. You’re welcome.

Embrace The Pirate Theme, Arr! 
An easy way to incorporate this holiday into your brand is by updating your logo with a pirate twist! There’s no need to completely re-vamp your logo. Simply add a few touches onto your already existing logo, such as a pirate hat or some doubloons.

Share Pirate Graphics & Sayings 
You want to provide a full-blown experience on your social media channels. Start by creating branded images with common pirate sayings and share it on your social media platforms. Don’t forget to add your logo on the bottom! If your image spreads quickly into the sea (the internet), you’ll want viewers to refer back to your ship (website).

Talk like A Buccaneer All Day 
You must not only leave it to the visuals…the written word is just as powerful. Try incorporating common pirate phrases into your tweets or status updates. Remember, today is the only day your brand can get away with talking like a pirate, so have fun with it!

Leave Some Hidden Some Treasure 

Similar to Easter eggs, you can leave some hidden treasure on your social media pages or website. Consider holding a fun contest or game to get your followers involved. From doing so, you can expect some increased interaction and engagement.

Yo-ho! You now can celebrate the day with ‘old salts’ like us. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Being a pirate ain’t so hard! Let “it’s a pirate life for me” become your mantra for the day and you’ll get the hang of it! Savvy?

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