Friday, August 22, 2014

Tim Hortons Goes Dark With A Mysterious Campaign

We come across many creative marketing campaigns day to day and we like to feature some on our blog. Today we will be featuring a campaign that won us over due to its creativity and cleverness. This campaign comes from Tim Hortons, a Canadian brand that has always done something a little different and exciting. Normally their campaigns are often associated with the words fun and fresh. However, this time Tim Hortons has gone dark…literally!

Many of Tim Hortons’s marketing campaigns have taken a light-hearted and humorous approach. This has worked effectively thus far. Whenever Tim Hortons releases a new and up-in-coming product, they aim to make it memorable through their creative campaigns. Remember the oh-so famous Chicken Dance?

As we saw from the chicken dance campaign, Tim Hortons likes to embody fun. However, recently they have decided to take a different approach that is little more frightening (but still fun of course!)

To promote their new dark coffee blend, the well-known Canadian coffee shop had a complete transformation in some Quebec locations.  The well-known red and brown brand image was gone, and in replacement was a pitch-black space, which ended up resembling a haunted house. In some cases, customers thought the pitch-black colors meant Tim Hortons was in fact closed! Fear not – the coffee and donut shop was not closed. Instead, the brand underwent a huge change in order to create a memorable campaign.

When courageous customers made their way to the transformed Tim Hortons, they were greeted by pure darkness. Everything was covered in black material, including the windows. Once inside, an employee wearing night-vision goggles led the customers (in fright may I add) to a counter that served the new dark roast blend. Watch the video below to see what these brave patrons experienced:

Obviously there was a purpose to this campaign, aside from scaring a few customers. Tim Hortons wanted to bring the dark roast coffee to life and introduce it in an exciting way. As you may know, when our sight is gone, our taste is heightened. Tim Hortons took advantage of this concept and went with it. Not only is the campaign creative, it is memorable and exciting. In the end, Tim Hortons continues to establish their fun approach to marketing, though this time it was in a completely different setting.

Small businesses can also learn from this campaign. The #TimsDark campaign challenges us to think outside the box and to not be afraid of doing something completely out of the ordinary. As long as the campaign idea is consistent with your brand image, you can still take it to new heights.

As always, leave your comment below and let us know: What do you think of Tim Hortons’s Dark campaign?

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