Thursday, July 31, 2014

Build a Positive Impression By Giving Back To Your Customers!

Businesses depend on customers. Without customers, businesses wouldn’t exist. Thus a customer relationship is vital. One of the ways you can strengthen that relationship is by giving back to your customer. Not only will this further build trust and loyalty, but it will also help to create a positive brand impression. If a business shows appreciation and gives back to their customers, they will enhance their overall brand.

Your brand will always have a position in your customer’s mind, whether it is negative or positive. One way to make sure your brand has a positive position in your customer’s mind is through customer relationship management. For a business to succeed, a relationship between the business and the customer must be present. There are many advantages to developing customer relationships. One of them includes building a positive brand impression.

A simple way to build a strong customer relationship is through appreciation. Let’s take a look at two businesses that gained positive results by giving back to their customers.

TD Canada Trust has always shown appreciation in past, but this year, they have done it in a big way that has gained positive results. As a way to say thanks, employees of TD Canada Trust gave a green envelope with a $20 bill to every customer in more than 1,100 TD branches across Canada. For those that use online or mobile banking, customers received a direct deposit of $20. This ensured no customer was left behind.

If that wasn’t unique enough, the company also set up an ATM machine with a “Thank-You” twist. The Automated Thanking Machines provided personal gifts to pre-selected customers. Gifts included a Disney trip for a family, tickets to Trinidad, and a once in a lifetime opportunity for a Blue Jays fan to throw an opening pitch at an upcoming game. When it comes to appreciation, TD Canada Bank certainly goes big!

This campaign reminded us of a similar campaign West Jet had done during the holidays this past year. The Christmas Miracle campaign also gave thanks to their customers in a big and exciting way. The company gave customized gifts to surprised travelers landing at Calgary International Airport. The result was heartwarming, which led the campaign to go viral.

Both of these campaigns provided positive brand impressions, not only directly to the customers involved, but also to the outside world, including current and potential customers. This goes to show a simple thank you does wonders! If you want to boost your positive brand impression, remember to show appreciation by saying thank you and giving back!

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