Friday, June 13, 2014

Don’t Let Your Social Media Marketing Catch Summertime Sadness

When it comes to summer, there two things we can expect to happen: business will slow down, and the sunshine will be here to stay. During the summer, we tend to spend less time working indoors and more time exploring outdoors. Whether you plan to go on summer vacation or decide to spend time enjoying your local beach, we have to accept that most of our time during the summer will be focused elsewhere – and this will have an effect on your business.

Business tends to boom around Christmas time, not summer time (unless you’re in the travel industry, selling ice cream or even summer gear of course!) With this in mind, it just means that you should place more of your efforts into social media marketing.

If your business tends to slow down during the summer season,
don’t fret - social media marketing is here to the rescue. With this extra downtime, you can focus your efforts on building your social media following and community. By doing so, you’ll help turn that summertime sadness into summertime awesome-ness.

Think of summertime sadness as the flu your social media marketing can catch…and you obviously want to avoid it! With summer in full swing, we encourage small businesses to spend these extra daylight hours building a strong social media community. These efforts will ultimately help your business bring customers into your store. Remember: although business may slow down, your customers are still around – all you need to do is attract them to come in!

A good way to avoid summertime sadness is by embracing summer. Use this downtime to interact and engage with followers. Create creative campaigns that will attract current and potential customers to purchase. Build an empire of influencers that will help grow your business. Experiment with new ideas and new social media platforms – summer time is the perfect time to do so!

You can also use this downtime to fuel your creativity. A good way to do so is by taking a look to see what bigger brands are doing with their social media marketing this summer. Take Anthropologie for example, who clearly embraced summer with their creative campaign “Pin To Win.” The brand used Pinterest last summer to entice consumers to create a board inspired by summer. Users pinned various images that was inspired by summer gatherings and tagged each of them with #Anthropologie. At the end of the contest, the winner received $500 worth of summer merchandise from Anthropologie. This campaign was simple but worked magnificently. Why? Because it avoided summertime sadness by embracing the summer season. Hopefully this inspired you to do the same!

Need help crafting a social media campaign that avoids summertime sadness? Contact MBucher Consulting today.

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