Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bite into Real-Time Marketing

We all remember the time when the 2013 Super Bowl went ‘lights out’ and Oreo responded with a clever tweet: “You can still dunk in the dark.” This was the beginning of something very special. Not only was the tweet buzzworthy, but it helped create a new trend in social media. This new trend is known as real-time marketing.

This trend has pushed marketers to create content and develop messages in real-time, mostly during high profiled events, such as the Super Bowl or the Olympics. Ever since Oreo published that tweet on Super Bowl Sunday, brands have been trying to deliver and receive the same viral results. This push for real-time marketing has enabled some brands to create teams of social media managers that must keep an eye on events all while creating engaging and timely content at the same time.

Real-time marketing is all the rage now in social media, and for good reason! Some pretty interesting and fun content has come out of it. Very recently, this real-time marketing trend has caught our attention during a 2014 World Cup game. As you likely know, the Italy vs Uruguay game was definitely far from boring. In fact, it was just nail-biting (pun intended!)

A few moments after Giorgio Chiellini was biten by Luis Suarez, brands decided to chew on this moment and use it as an opportunity. The real-time marketing machine was unleashed and the funny memes came swarming in. Below are some tweets from brands that caught our attention:

While this may look like some brands were hoping on the bandwagon, the reality is, these messages worked phenomenally. Not only did they get plenty of re-shares and interaction, they also increased their brand awareness and ROI simply by paying attention to popular events and contributing to them.

Now that you’ve seen what real-time marketing can do, you’re probably wondering how smaller brands can use this an opportunity as well. It is simple: watch out for world-wide events and try to incorporate these events into your own marketing messages. Think of real-time marketing has an extension of being social. Remember, social media requires you to be social. Avoid the 1-sided sales funnel. If majority of your followers are discussing a certain topic or event, don’t be afraid to jump in and tie it in with your brand.

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