Friday, May 23, 2014

Coca Cola Is Bringing Social Back

Every year social media increases in popularity. It is no longer only used by big brands or celebrities. Small businesses and entrepreneurs have now placed much more of their efforts in social media marketing and this trend continues to grow each year. As we all know, social media has many great benefits. It helps us grow a community that supports our mission, brand and product. It helps us grow our business and builds our personal brand. It also helps us connect and network with like-minded individuals that we may not necessarily meet in person. Social media essentially helps us be more social with those online.

Though, with every advantage, there is a disadvantage. Social media has created an undeniable downside: being anti-social offline. Our days are mostly spent online answering emails, catching up on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. If you go out to dinner, you’ll likely see two things: a phone sitting on the table, and individuals taking photos of their meal to share on Instagram. It seems we rather be social in the online world rather than the offline world.

Thankfully, there are creative ways to get us social again. Brands are now using this online vs offline social disparity by creating innovative campaigns that aim to close this gap. One such brand is Coca Cola. Their recent campaign called “Friendly Twist” is bringing social back into the real world again.

With this campaign, Coca-Cola used its well-known brand message of sharing and bringing happiness, and pushed it even further. The company created a new design for its bottles purposely to create social interaction in the real world. The design featured a cap that could only be opened when it fit with another bottle cap. They placed vending machines throughout a school campus filled with these newly designed bottles. When a college freshman purchased a bottle, they were unable to open it by themselves. This pushed students to ask others around them to help open their bottles and thus served as the perfect ice-breaker to start a conversation. Below is a video describing and demonstrating the results of the campaign.

This campaign is fresh and clever. In a world where we spend majority of our time online, we tend to forget to be social offline as well. Coca Cola’s campaign is thought-provoking and encourages us to interact with those around us. It’s definitely bringing social back!

What do you think of Coco Cola’s “Friendly Twist” campaign? Leave your comment below and tell us your thoughts!

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