Saturday, April 5, 2014

Awareness Campaigns Don’t Have To Be Boring!

Campaigns that are aimed at raising awareness are normally created on the serious side, with a powerful message. However, as many new campaigns have caught our eye, we couldn’t help but notice a trend. There is now a creative and humorous side to a serious issue, and many campaigns have embarked on this route.

Testicular Cancer Canada is one of the organizations that decided to take their message to the next level by adding a comical element to it. The organization created a cringe-worthy Youtube video that had men experience a scenario quite familiar to many women. The video below shows 20 men getting waxed…where the sun don’t shine – if you get my drift!

As you watch the video, you’ll see 20 men sitting comfortably on the waxing table, thinking the experience is a walk in the park. The 120 second video features their reactions in slow-mo, as an orchestra plays in the background. The video not only makes a great point, by raising awareness for testicular cancer, it also provides humor to the everyday woman, who partakes in this all-too-familiar grooming ritual. The video and the message surely packs a punch!

This ad also reminded us of a similar video, when two men experienced another all-too-common scenario for women: labour pains. This video was developed by two Dutch TV hosts, who wanted to prove whether or not men could handle the pain that we deem as the worst kind of pain around. These two men were hooked up to a labour contraction simulator, and only one man was able to last the full two hours. It’s important to note, these men only felt 2% to 3% of the labour pain, which makes us wonder what their reactions would be if it were the full 100%. Perhaps we women are right when we say men can’t handle the pain! From a woman’s perspective, it's nice to see men walking a mile in our shoes!

Looking back at the Testicular Cancer campaign, it has made us think of other similar initiatives, where raising awareness and creativity make the perfect pair. One example is Vancouver’s Underwear Affair 5K run. This yearly run inspires thousands to come out and run in their underwear. While this may sound silly, the campaign in fact helps to raise awareness for the underfunded below-the-belt cancers, such as prostate, ovarian and colorectal. Another example that combines the perfect combo of awareness and creativity is Movember’s Fight the Good Fight campaign. The Generation Moustache movement met this criteria as it pushed the envelope creatively and propelled a movement for change.

All this goes to show that awareness campaigns don’t necessarily have to have a serious side. Clever and creative strategies work just as well, if not more. Having a bit of fun with your campaign can help reach a wider audience, all while leaving a powerful and lasting impression.

After watching men go through similar situations women face regularly, we’d like to know from our male readers: what would your reaction be if you had to undergo waxing or fake labour pains? Don’t worry we won’t tell anybody if you’re likely to screech or cry! :)

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