Monday, March 24, 2014

Get Your Chicken Dance On With Tim Hortons

When we see a campaign that we really love, we just have to spotlight it on our blog!

Tim Hortons recently unveiled a new menu item, the Crispy Chicken Sandwich, and is using social media to promote it. The company recently launched a social media contest using Instagram and Twitter. Tim Hotons has asked followers to post a video of themselves doing the famous chicken dance for a chance to win a Tim Card. Once uploaded to a social media channel, followers can tag their video using the hashtag #CrispyChickenDance. We recommend browsing through the tag if you’re feeling down today – it will instantly cheer you up!

Using social media to promote a product isn’t anything new, however Tim Hortons has used this platform in an innovative way. With a commitment to menu innovation, it is no surprise Tim Hortons will do just about anything to promote its new products. While this #CrispyChickenDance campaign may sound silly, it is in fact a great way to promote its sandwich, because of how unique and memorable it is.

It’s pretty remarkable how Tim Hortons has the power to get people to post a funny and slightly embarrassing video of themselves. My marketing assistant decided to give it a try – we hope it makes you smile!

It’s an unforgettable campaign, especially for participants! After flapping your arms for a while, you do get a weird urge of wanting to try the new Crispy Chicken Sandwich. If you’re willing to do this dance and share it with the world, then it just goes to show how convincing the campaign is.

We like this campaign because it’s clever and simple. It promotes a product and gets Tim Horton fans involved outside of the brick and mortar store. It really proves the point that a simple campaign can get brilliant results!

Will you be doing the #CrispyChickenDance? If so, share your video with us!

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