Friday, March 14, 2014

A Dose of Social Media Inspiration

Social media is much more than just sending marketing messages and sales promotions. It requires creativity that encourages interaction and engagement with key consumers. Some social media campaigns can be winners, while some may need extra help. A good way to improve your social media campaigns is by seeking inspiration from others.

Whether you are stuck in a writer’s block position, or simply need a boost in creativity, everyone can use a dash of inspiration. Every so often we like to spotlight a few companies on our blog that we believe are doing really well with their social media. It not only encourages us to re-think our social media strategies but it pushes us to think creatively. A winning social media strategy will take your brand far, as it increases brand exposure and lead generation.

Here are a few brands that we believe are doing great in the world of social media. We hope it serves you with a dose of social media inspiration!

Wendy’s Canada

In 2011, Wendy’s developed a game show that involved the Twitter handle @GirlBehindSix. This handle referred to an open slot on Wendy’s menu. This campaign was a game show that gave prizes to winning contestants. Such prizes included mopeds, espresso machines and foosball tables. The Twitter handle gained 30, 000 Twitter followers in one month! The game show’s success came from one promoted tweet and word of mouth marketing. In 2012, Wendy’s Canada started a competition based on Quebec’s original dish, the Poutine. The campaign, the “Poutition”, encouraged Canadians to take part in a petition to name Poutine a national dish. This campaign spurred fantastic results, with a 279% increase in Facebook followers!

Today, Wendy’s Canada is seen as a quirky and sassy creative brand. Just by looking through their Twitter feed, you can see that they take social media seriously. They interact with their followers by re-tweeting or replying to comments, whether they are positive or negative. They write their twitter messages in a friendly tone that mimics the Wendy’s brand and personality. They show off their product in a humorous way that enables them to not fall prey into the one-sided sales funnel. In the end, Wendy’s has created a social media strategy that spurs conversation and engagement.

Lufthansa USA

We noticed this brand via a Twitter chat that we had once participated in. It is one strategy we haven’t seen many brands take advantage of - yet! Twitter chats have grown in popularity, and when we saw Lufthansa USA take part in them, we couldn’t help but smile. This truly humanized the brand. Lufthansa USA encourages conversation by participating in them. Sometimes it can be difficult to encourage interaction through your own social media campaigns, so the best solution is to seek the source of conversation. Lufthansa USA can be seen chatting with a multitude of consumers, simply by participating in travel related Twitter chats.

Compared to their competitors, their social media strategy is very different. Lufthansa USA creates engaging and humourous content via their Twitter and Facebook account. You can see them participate in #ThrowbackThursday and #WaybackWednesday. You will rarely see them apologize to flyers. For Lufthansa USA, social media is more than just a customer service tool. It is a channel that builds brand personality, exposure and conversation. Now that is pretty inspiring! 

E! Online 

You would think this brand would only be spreading celebrity gossip, but truth is, they do so much more! Recently the brand has taken the humanizing approach and has participated in many conversations. For example, a few weeks ago, they were live tweeting during the Oscars. E! Online acted the same way as an individual would act while watching the Oscars. They were critiquing and sharing live reactions of what appeared on screen. The best part was the “instant” graphics that were made while watching the show. Only a few moments after a scenario occurred, such as the tragic moment of Leonardo DiCaprio losing yet another Oscar, E! Online would respond quickly with a humorous graphic related to it. This was very clever and similar to Oreo’s famous response during the Superbowl blackout. This strategy works well as it humanizes the brand.

It is important to note that all three brands have created social media campaigns that aim to increase engagement and interaction. While many small businesses may not have enough resources to implement these exact strategies, they still provide plenty of inspiration. We hope it sparked a few creative ideas in your mind!

Let’s hear from you. Where do you get your social media inspiration from? Leave your comment below.

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  1. Our customers are full of inspiration while munching on our tacos and burritos! After many questions about where we eat after work, Mama Yuca's and I organized the Yuca's Eats L.A bus tour. Twenty five lucky people joined us - the chefs at the restaurants we visited loved talking up their specials to an eager group and we all got a belly full of good eating anda great time! Dora