Friday, February 21, 2014

Build an Online Brand Presence – Before It’s Too Late!

We stumbled on a new fact this morning that left us pretty surprised. According to a recent study, only 45.5% of Canadian small businesses have an online presence. What does that mean for the other 54.5%? Well, they are likely losing out on various opportunities. With no website, or social media channels, they are losing potential sales, potential customers and the chance of building brand awareness.

Of course for us, being a small virtual business, we simply cannot imagine NOT having an online web presence. Without an online presence, we wouldn’t be able to do our job effectively. Our website is a crucial component of our business, as it provides information about our services. Our social media channels are also of extreme importance, as it help us interact and engage with current and potential clients. Having an online presence is a way to continue building our business and overall brand. Without a web presence, we wouldn’t be able to thrive! The same goes for other Canadian small businesses – so why aren’t many other businesses online?

Many brick and mortar stores may believe they don’t need an online presence, because they have a loyal customer base or simply because they don't want to engage online. They assume if they sell a great product in a store, the right customers will find them. The problem, however, is these businesses will lose out on many opportunities from online customer reviews to controlled brand building. 

Having a web presence does not mean the business must sell their product online. In fact, having a web presence allows you to promote your product and get additional customers in the most effective way. Whatever business you are in, you can benefit from an online presence. It’s important to note that many consumers today tend to do product reviews online before making the decision to go visit the store. If you have nothing to offer online, you lose out on this opportunity!

Having an online web presence includes setting up a website and social media accounts. While it can be time consuming to manage, the return on investment is worth the time. With a web presence, you’ll be able to attract additional customers, showcase your products or services, and build a connection with followers.

For many small businesses, especially for brick and mortar stores, relationship marketing and customer service are essential. Why not extend your current services by building an online presence? It’s easy to get started! Book an appointment with MBucher Consulting and we’ll help you set up an online presence.

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