Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How an Audit Can Help Improve Your Social Media
We all know that social media can be a challenging task for many small business owners. You’ve invested considerable time and effort into your social media strategy, planned posts on Facebook and Twitter, even written a few blogs. Maybe you’re not seeing the ROI you had expected with your social media.

Wondering where to go from here?

4 Reasons Why a Social Media Audit Can Help Improve Your Social Media

Review of your social media activity

Maybe you think you are doing everything right when it comes to your social media strategy. Sometimes all it takes is an outsider’s perspective to see where the gaps are in your strategy. We often find businesses discussing their lack of results when it comes to social media, but after a review of their social media channels the gaps are clear as day.

For someone who works in the social media field full time, these gaps are easier to spot.

Filling in all the blanks
It’s often the little things that we over look when filling out our social media accounts. It’s a good idea to have an outsider review your social media channels to make sure all fields are filled in as needed. You may think certain details are minor and unimportant, but not to your customers. I’m always surprised when I come across a business who's bio is left blank, or they send customers searching for their website, rather than adding a link to their page description.

Redefine your goals
Social media is continuously changing, and therefore, your goals should be as well. This doesn’t mean you should have a whole new set of goals, but it’s important to review them from time to time to see if they are in need of revising. You may be surprised to learn that your social media isn’t yielding results because you aren’t engaging your audience, or are posting at the wrong time of the day.

A future road-map
A great strategy without proper execution is nothing more than that, a great strategy. You may have some great goals set up, but without a clear road-map of how to execute those goals you really are just spinning your wheels.

A social media audit not only provides your business with an overview of your current social media activities, highlights gaps within your social media strategy and goals, but also provides a clear view of how your social media should move forward, where your social media should be in the future, as well as providing an actionable framework to help implement and execute your new strategy.

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