Wednesday, January 8, 2014

5 Things You Should Do Other Than Facebook Marketing

We've all heard the rumblings online about how Facebook's changes to their algorithm has affected many business fan pages, often with less than 5% of actual fans seeing page posts now. Facebook’s solution to this issue, pay to boost your posts. If that doesn't work, Facebook also recommends paying for advertising. Although this strategy may work for some companies, the ROI is mostly short lived.

This kind of strategy doesn't always fit within many small business marketing budgets, or align with their online marketing plans. In today’s blog, we offer you 5 things you can do with your social media efforts other than Facebook marketing:

1. Expand your Google + presence
Google + is often referred to as the forgotten platform that yields high value. Like many business fan pages, Google + profiles are often created, but abandoned within months due to lack of interest. Granted, Google + is quite popular in certain regions of the world, where other parts are still waiting for it to take off. It you aren't seeing great results with your Facebook marketing efforts, consider broadening your social platforms and launch into Google +. This will help with your organic SEO as Google + is owned by Google.

If you're already on Google +, consider expanding your connections and start networking with other profiles on Google +.

2. Blogging
Content marketing is a great strategy that drives organic traffic to your site. If your blog isn't up to date, spend some time on your content marketing calendar. Get your blogging in order. This will help drive better ROI than paying $10 to boost a post on Facebook.

3. Pinterest
Aside from DIY craft projects and great dinner ideas, Pinterest holds great value for businesses. Many businesses who are utilizing this social platform affectively are seeing high referring traffic from Pinterest. This also gives you an opportunity to create branded widgets for your company's products or services to help drive traffic and build brand awareness. Pinterest is also a great platform to connect and communicate with like-minded individuals and even potential customers. How are your pin boards looking right now?

4. Twitter
My favourite platform that yields tremendous value. We often hear people saying they don't understand the value of Twitter. This platform allows you to segment your followers, directly communicate with consumers and potential buys, while also driving traffic to your site. Start networking with people on Twitter, share relevant information
in your tweets, and establish a strong brand presence on Twitter.

5. Your Website
Is the content on your website in need of an update? Last year Hewlett Packard released a study called "Get off Facebook and pay attention to your website." Within the study, HP noted the shift in social media importance and how companies often get so wrapped up in their social presence; they spend all their efforts driving people to their website, only to read outdated information. As your service offering changes to the shifting market demands, your services page on your website should accurately reflect these changes.

What are your thoughts on Facebook marketing? As always, please do leave a comment below.

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