Friday, November 8, 2013

Microsoft Grabs Attention with a Zombie Apocalypse

In case you’ve missed it, there was a zombie apocalypse recently in Vancouver. Over 100 zombies stormed onto the streets battling it out with Vancouver’s residents!

Don’t worry though, our world is not actually being taken over by zombies – at least not yet! This creative stunt was recently pulled off by Microsoft Canada, in order to promote their new Xbox One system. The campaign featured 100 actors dressed up as zombies that burst out of a larger than life replica of the Xbox One gaming console. Evidently, this stunt was a real life adaptation of the new Xbox game Dead Rising 3.

Residents of Vancouver were asked to “battle” it out with these zombies, and once they did, were invited to have some fun in the giant Xbox replica, where they played with the new gaming console and had some zombie fun. Gamers were also encouraged to transform into zombies by having their face painted by a professional makeup artist and battling it out with each other.

This campaign came to a surprise to all of us. Not only was it creative and used the ever popular theme of zombies, the campaign had literally surprised the residents of Vancouver. Microsoft did not release any information prior to the event, only statement that described a colossal event was about to happen and gamers were to be prepared.

It is interesting to see more and more companies hopping onto the popularity bandwagon of the zombie apocalypse and tying in pop culture into their campaigns. With Halloween just having recently passed and the growing buzz for the show The Walking Dead, this campaign was a perfect fit. Microsoft Canada was able to take advantage of society’s growing fascination for Zombies to promote their new gaming console. Microsoft Canada was able to deliver the growing appetitive for zombies with their new campaign, and we can’t wait to see what other brands have in store for us in the near future. The only question is, will they be using Zombies as well?

What do you think of Microsoft marketing stunt? Are you tired of seeing Zombies or are you ready to see more?Leave your comment below and let us know what you think!

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