Friday, November 1, 2013

Fight The Good Fight With Movember

It’s finally November, which means only one thing – it’s time to start growing your moustaches! For all the ladies out there, you’ll soon begin to see more and more men with facial hair within the month, all in support of Movember, a movement held to raise awareness of prostate cancer.

Movember has been known to switch things up every year in order to raise awareness, but this year the charity has reinvented their brand that will surely create a lasting impression for the years to come. This year, the charity has created a campaign that invites all participants to join “Generation Moustache.”

Here’s a short promotional video for Generation Moustache that will inspire everyone to unite and fight for men’s health.

The video poses a necessary question: Will you be joining the Generation Moustache revolution?
The Generation Moustache campaign takes a different route from previous campaigns, which have focused on themes that relate to what it means to be a better man, and improving father/son relationships. This year, Movember has created a campaign that uses the spirit of a moustache and mixes it with some rock n’ roll. The founders wanted to create something fresh and exciting, and thus Generation Moustache was born.

The campaign focuses on creating awareness for philanthropy and research. It also aims to create a social movement by encouraging participants to wave a Movember flag that pushes positive change regarding men’s health. The symbol for this year is a double-headed serpent, which represents change and rebirth. While some may believe this is an aggressive symbol, founders of Movember have stated that this aggressiveness is purposely used to create positive change. In addition to the movement, Movember’s CEO has developed a “Move” initiative to encourage participants to get active and move whenever possible. This effort, combined with Generation Moustache, continues to raise awareness and highlights the importance of improving one’s health through movement.

Movember continues to push the envelope by creating a relevant campaign that will truly encourage participants to commit to the cause and push for change. How will you contribute to Movember? Leave your comment below.

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