Friday, October 18, 2013

8 Tips For Branding Your Social Media

A consistent brand is vital for any brand, and should be used for all marketing platforms, including social media. With the many social media channels available, you’ll need to create consistency in order to build your brand successfully. Without consistent brand messaging and graphics, you may end up looking like you own different brands in the eyes of a consumer. You don’t see big brands, such as Oreo and Taco Bell, using different color schemes on different social media platforms, so why would you? Consistent branding on social media creates authenticity which drives brand messaging, brand recognition, and eventually leads to increased sales. Creating a consistent brand helps you differentiate yourself from others, and encourages consumers to have a lasting impression of your business.

Branding on social media shouldn’t be ignored. While there are many different social media channels that allow us to do different things, it’s important to unify all profiles. For those that are unsure of how to create a consistent brand on social media, here are 8 simple tips for branding on social media:

1. Facebook Profile Photo
Whether you decide to put your logo or a photo of yourself, make sure the dimensions of the graphics fit in the profile box area. Unfortunately it is not rare for us to see Facebook fan pages with profile photos that are cut off because they aren’t the right size.

2. Facebook Cover Image
This rather new addition to Facebook is absolutely wonderful for branding! You can use this space for just about anything related to your company. Whether you want to promote offers, contests or company announcements, a cover image can certainly capture the attention of any consumer. If you want to stick with your logo design but want to show your company’s fun side, change your cover image seasonally like we do at MBucher Consulting. Whenever the holidays roll in, we like to spread our holiday spirit onto our cover images. It’s always surprising to see brands on Facebook not taking advantage of using a Cover Image as it is a great branding opportunity.

3. Twitter Background
Just like Facebook, Twitter also needs some branding love. Twitter provides a great space for branding, and it is an opportunity that is often overlooked. A great use for this space is creating a background with a call to action, including your company’s slogan/tag line and contact details. For an example, feel free to check out our Twitter background at @m_bucher or view more examples here.

4. Twitter Cover Photo
This is another great opportunity for branding. Similarly to Facebook’s Cover Image, you can use Twitter’s Cover Photo space to promote any company offerings, sales promo or contests. You can also keep it simple and have your logo fit into the space. Just make sure the dimensions are correct. Nothing is worse than seeing a cut off logo or a blank cover photo!

5. Google + Cover Photo
While you may not use Google+ as often as other platforms, it’s still a good idea to create an account and brand it with your company’s images and messages. Whenever people search for your business, they will likely see your Google+ page on their search results. Avoid the blank page scare by branding the page with similar images used on Facebook or Twitter.

6. Pinterest Boards
There are no cover images on Pinterest, aside from a small profile picture, but there is still a way to brand this social media profile through boards. When creating new boards, think of lifestyle topics that reflect your brand. For example, the company Lowes uses Pinterest to promote the home improvement lifestyle by creating boards dedicated to the home, the outdoors and anything in between.

7. LinkedIn Page
While your LinkedIn page may not be updated as often as your Facebook or Twitter page, you’ll still need to develop an online presence through branding. If customers wants to learn more about your company, the first thing they will see on your LinkedIn page is your cover image. This provides another great opportunity for you to promote any sales offers, contests or announcements.

8. Same Tone Not Message
When we encourage consistency, we do not mean posting the exact same messages on every different social media channel. This will make your brand look very robotic. If you’d like to communicate the same message, for example a sales promo, we advise that you word it differently. You can keep brand messaging consistent through tone and personality.

Even after following these steps, you should always keep branding in mind. Creating and posting photos on various social media channels is only the first phase of branding on social media. Keep in mind that as your brand evolves and changes, you’ll need to update all your social media channels – not just the ones you frequently use!

Does your company lack branding on social media? Do you have blank cover images on your profile pages? If so, MBucher Consulting can help! We can design social media images for all your social media profiles. Learn more here and contact us today!

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