Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Strategy and Execution Is Your Social Media Treasure Map

In honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, we decided to put a little spin in our social media blog. In a 2 part series, we will be discussing the importance of a social media strategy, its execution and the ROI. With a good social media treasure map, you’ll be a swashbuckling social media marketer in no time!

What’s the point of a treasure map? It’s meant to guide you and help you find that buried chest of doubloons. I probably lost you with my pirate talk, but it’s simple. A social media strategy is like a treasure map: the steps outline throughout the map is the execution phase, and the ROI is the found treasure.

A question we always get asked is “what does a social media strategy look like?” Well, the answer varies for different companies/industries, but a general strategy has a similar outline. A social media strategy should focus on engaging followers, posting quality content, using the best platforms for your brand, and analyzing metrics. A good social media strategy contains all the steps that help you find your way to that X marks the spot. One thing to keep in mind; a one-size-fits-all social media plan doesn’t always work. Social media strategies vary across all businesses and industries. It’s important to sit down and build a plan that aligns with your business objectives (and we can help with that).

Now while you may think your strategic plan is good enough to careen your ship, the truth is, a social media strategy without an execution plan is nothing more than a good idea. It’s easy to have a strategy on paper, but without proper execution, all your brilliant ideas may be lost at sea. A strategic plan must be accompanied with successful execution.

Two great examples of successful social media execution would be @Eonline and @PurdysChocolate. Their strategy is simple, they engage with their followers and post consistently on various social media networks. But their execution makes them winners. @Eonline for example have been known to be successful at live tweeting events, such as the VMAs. They post comical tweets that humanize their brand, which attracts tons of attention and additional followers. @PurdyChocolate execution is another success, as their priority is to always respond to customers with a chocolaty smile.

Without proper execution, your social media strategy may end up a sinking ship. Don’t let your social media strategy take a dive into Davy Jones’ Locker. Schedule some time with us and we’ll help you build a successful social media treasure map for your business.

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