Friday, September 6, 2013

4 Spooktacular Halloween Campaigns

Now that kids are back to school, brands are turning their marketing focus to the next big holiday: Halloween! It’s no surprise that brands start marketing Halloween early in the spirit of the holiday. Often times, you’ll see brands tie in their marketing campaigns with a holiday to encourage purchases. One of the most fun holidays to create a campaign for is Halloween. It is a time for brands to experiment with wacky ideas and incorporate the “trick or treat” ritual into their brand messaging.

In the spirit of entering Autumn soon, here's a collection of our favorite Halloween campaigns that embrace the spooky sides of their brand:

Spring LG’s So Real It’s Scary
Hilarious to watch but horrible to experience, electronics company LG installed a grid of its IPS monitors in the floor of an elevator to create an optical illusion. This illusion was beyond playful, as riders thought they were about to plummet to their deaths. Although fun to look at, we’re not sure whether the elevator riders knew who was behind the prank. This may cause the marketing message to be lost – however the ad makes for a good viral campaign.Watch the video here.

Little Caesar’s Forbidden Pizza
Upon visiting the company’s website, visitors are asked NOT to enter their address or to proceed forward. Of course, if you tell someone not to do something, they will do it anyway. After entering your address on the landing page, a ghost appears on the screen telling you that your house is now haunted, and the only way to “unhaunt” it is to buy their Hot-N-Ready Pizza. What a great way to pull in a customer to purchase their product!

Chipotle's Boorito
Last year Chipotle released this ad promoting their Halloween burrito discount. Customers were told to visit a Chipotle restaurant after 4 p.m with a Halloween costume and get a discount on their burrito. Chipotle also takes Halloween promotion one step further by making it cause marketing. They inform visitors that all proceeds from purchasing the burrito will benefit Chipotle's Cultivate Foundation, encouraging customers to “do some good this Halloween.”

Sears Zombie Campaign
Sears incorporates Halloween in their marketing campaign by using one of the holiday’s favorite character themes – Zombies. On the company website, visitors are asked to choose a side, Human or Zombie. If they pick Zombie, they are directed to the “Zombie” section of their website, viewing pages blood spattered all over the screen and Zombie-fied models. Along with the website, Sears also created a special Twitter handle for this campaign @zombieshopper. Zombies seem to be a winning campaign strategy for Sears, as the company has created many more ads incorporating this theme.

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