Friday, September 20, 2013

3 Creative Marketing Uses for the Holidays

With so many holidays in one calendar year, this is a great opportunity for many businesses to capitalize on their marketing efforts by incorporating fun holiday themes into their marketing pieces. Three popular holidays that companies should always incorporate into their marketing strategy is Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Integrating holidays into your marketing material allows brands to show a more creative side to their marketing, while also producing fresh/new content for social media sharing.

Since its Oktoberfest, it’s only necessary for us to highlight how a beer company can change their marketing strategy based on holidays. Praise should definitely go to Heineken for their consistent effort of outdoing themselves with holiday related marketing material. They provide fantastic examples of how a company can incorporate holidays into their marketing campaigns.

Heineken celebrates Halloween with this hilarious ad. The ad is insinuating that on October 31st, it will definitely be the scariest night of the year, but not for the reason you think.

Heineken pokes fun at Halloween and how frightening it is in a few simple words. As you can see from the visual, Halloween will make it impossible for you to grab your beer. How scary is that!?

Thanksgiving Again with few words, Heineken manages to always make you laugh and boost your holiday spirit.

This ad makes you wonder where all the beer has gone, and how that turkey is not on your table (or in your belly) right now while still staying true to their branding.

Heineken’s encourages you to celebrate the holidays, and live every last drop of your beer in this cheeky Christmas advertisement. For some, this is exactly where they want their mistletoe to be place, right above their beloved beer!

Do you have some fun examples of creative holiday marketing? Leave your comments below.

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