Monday, July 15, 2013

Top 5 Summer Marketing Campaigns

With summer in full swing, we wanted to highlight some of the top summer marketing campaigns:

Sprite's Soda Machine Shower
Last year, Sprite made a big splash with their summer marketing campaign in Brazil. Featuring a massive outdoor shower resembling a Sprite soda machine, the campaign helped promote the beverage's refreshing taste - perfect for the sweltering heat of summer in Brazil. Thankfully, beach-goers weren't showering under the sticky lemon-lime soda - but fresh running water. Not only did Sprite stand out from their competitors, but consumers were able to relate their refreshing shower with Sprite's refreshing taste. We definitely would have loved to try this fun campaign this summer!

Coca Cola's Open For Summer
We've seen the commercials and various marketing campaigns for Open Happiness, but Coca Cola took this campaign further and added the Summer element. The Open For Summer campaign recently rolled out to get people ready for summer with Coca Cola. Their Happiness Trucks will be going around town throughout the summer, visiting beaches, theme parks, and national parks. Keep an eye open for them because they are giving away mini-cans of Coca Cola! I was able to take part in the campaign at a local beach in Vancouver on Canada Day. I was so excited to get a free mini-can of Coca Cola that I wanted to share the joy on Twitter...but the campaign was missing a hashtag. One important tip, put a hashtag on your summer marketing campaign so it gets viral attention!

Molson Beer - Only For Canadians
Molson Beer's latest summer campaign is featured all over Europe, but the product can only be accessed by Canadians. Yes, only Canadians. You may ask yourself, how on earth can this be possible!? Well, the company had an idea, and pushed it further. Molson Beer created a unique fridge filled with beer and placed them in cities throughout Europe that can only be opened with a Canadian passport. To open the fridge, a Canadian would have to scan their Canadian passport, and a number of beers would be available to enjoy. Molson Beer knew that Europe is a popular summer destination and took advantage of that fact by promoting their brand/product to Canadians and Europeans in a surprisingly fun way.

NIVEA's iPhone Charging Print Ad
NIVEA knows their target consumers are spending the next few months out and about, soaking up the sun with magazines - so the brand took this as an opportunity to try something out of this world. Their recent campaign, featured in magazines, is an iPhone charging solar panel built into their print ad. With the help of NIVEA, beach-goers can enjoy the sun, flip through magazines, and charge their iPhones all at the same time. While the connection to the product may be lost to some - props goes to NIVEA for using the summer as an opportunity to think outside the box. We love this ad because NIVEA is doing more than promoting their product/brand, they are helping their consumers by adding a useful element to the ad.

IKEA's Books On The Beach
While the campaign was done three years ago, it's too good to pass up. With plenty of activities to do at the beach, sometimes we'd rather soak up the sun with a great beach-read. This IKEA guerrilla marketing campaign takes advantage of summer and ties books and beaches together. To celebrate the 30th birthday of their most popular bookshelf model (The Billy), IKEA placed 30 giant bookcases on the Bondi beach in Sydney, Australia. The bookshelves offered bookworms and beach-goers to browse through a large selection of books, available to grab or swap for a donation to The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation. IKEA's marketing campaign is inspiring - the brand certainly isn't associated with summer, but they found a way to use the slower months to build their brand.

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