Thursday, July 25, 2013

Auto DM`s vs Mentions – Which is more Effective

This is a follow up post to our recent 7 Reasons Why Auto DM`s will Tarnish Your Brand

I recently had a conversation with someone about the use of auto DMs. The person I was talking to said she used auto DM`s in her marketing strategy because she felt it was important to reach out to every new follower and show her appreciation for their follow, not thinking what kind of impact it would have on her brand.

Auto DM`s vs Mentions:

Due to the common misconception that an auto DM allows you to create a brand impression with your new follower, I wanted to show an example of the difference in reaching out to your new follower:

Auto DM - cut and paste straight from my Twitter account:

Thanks for following, I look forward to your tweets! -via

The reason why I chose to use this auto DM as an example is because it`s the same DM I`ve received from 15 different accounts in the same day.

Many people don’t see anything wrong with this DM. But think of your new followers, when you click on their bio, each one is different, and have most-likely followed you for various reasons. I was generally able to pull a ton of information out of someone’s bio to relay a personal tweet back via @mention.

@example Thanks for the follow. I see you are a foodie! The food cart fests are on all summer, have you had a chance to check them out?

The difference in these two tweets it that you can make a personal connection with your new follower, encouraging them to interact back with you. Isn’t that the purpose of Twitter, to be social? Strapped for time during your day, and can’t find the time to interact with all your new followers? Keep in mind that not all of them need a message. If you find an account that says you can buy 10,000 Twitter followers for only $25 and their spam score is 100%, maybe its best that you don’t send them a tweet.

Creating that personal connection with your new follower leaves a stronger brand impression than a standard impersonal tweet, one they have probably received multiple times from other accounts/companies.

Have you had success using DMs in your marketing strategy? Leave your comment below and let us know what you think of auto DMs

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  1. Great post, Michelle, and I've enjoyed our exchanges on Twitter. I love the personal touch, and I think that always trumps a "canned" response. Still, let me play Devil's Advocate for a moment. Suppose you are either a brand or simply a person of note. You many get many dozens, if not hundreds of followers at a time, and may find it overwhelming to look at every profile and make a personal response (I'm assuming here the majority of the profiles are legit, not bots). Might an Auto DM work effectively in this situation?

  2. Thanks for your comment Kerwyn, you are correct and that is what I hear from many people is the response ability to every follower is limited unless you are active online like myself often. It just seems to defeat the purpose of Twitter, which is to engage with your followers.

    You also need to keep in mind that with many people like myself, when I follow someone, I`ve most-likely checked out their Twitter profile and possibly their website already and have followed them out of interest. Once that follow happens, I received an AutoDM with a message that says "Thanks for the follow, check out my website." or "here is your free gift." It just seems so impersonal to receive that message over and over again from different accounts. It also seems to defeat the purpose of communication if someone is unable to respond back to your Auto DM and carry on the conversation due to the following/messaging restrictions.

    I like your Devil`s Advocate theory here. If used correctly, Auto DM`s could bring value to brands, but it seems many choose to use the basic message. The consensus across the industry also seems to be that many are so annoyed with Auto DMs and the Twitter spam that people don`t check their DMs anymore, leaving unopened messages to just sit there (bringing no value).

  3. Auto DM's are evil. They are rude and distracting. I only want to get DM's that are totally private. 99% are BS. If you want to share something do it publicly. Think that's spammy - exactly - so don't to it via DM either.

    There is way to dress them up as anything else. And TrueTrue is the worst kind of mindless DM.