Saturday, June 1, 2013

Taco Bell Doing It Right With Some Bling

Taco Bell has seen some great social media successes over the past year with their creative branding and large online fan support. This of course is not a new concept for many brands, but those who know how to utilize this strategy seem to reap the highest rewards with their fans.
Engagement and interaction via social media is key. If you want to increase awareness and conversations online, you need to communicate with your fans. Brands are often crafting innovative ways to interact with their audience. Some strategies can be a hit and some can miss the mark but Taco Bell does it right. The brand has recently took the spotlight on creating the most unique influencer outreach strategy.

It all started three weeks ago, when Taco Bell posted a photo of a custom gold ring on the company's Instagram account. The gold ring, bearing the Taco Bell name in cursive, was a huge hit, earning close to 9500 likes. Bringing this idea further, Taco Bell sent personalized handwritten notes and custom rings to eight special ladies; fans that are known to share their love of Taco Bell via social media. Taco Bell's consumers are passionate about the product and want to have a relationship with the brand - so the company seals the deal with a ring.

Sending these handwritten notes and custom rings to loyal fans is a prime example of social customer service and interaction. Each note is personalized and signed off by "Taco Bell" - adding a humanizing touch. Messages within the letter include "We like you, so we wanted to give you this custom Taco Bell ring" and of course a reference to Beyonce's Single Ladies hit.

Taco Bell does a great job targeting their fans/influencers. By creating a friendly persona, Taco Bell's influencers will share their notes and rings to their number of followers, creating additional buzz for the company. We love the Put a Ring on It theme and believe it successfully creates a customer relationship. The idea is out of the box but simple - proving that consumer interaction and engagement is key in the social media realm.

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