Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer Time Is Re-strategizing Time

Don't Take Time Off This Summer - Re-Strategize Instead!

Summer is often associated with slowing down the pace, taking a long needed vacation and enjoying every moment the sunshine has to offer. It's a time to not only re-energize your mind but your brand and marketing strategy as well. You may be waiting for summer to end because the winter months that boom with activity are more appealing. However, you can't possibly wait for another 180 days to pass by! Instead, use this down time efficiently by setting new business goals, re-strategizing and trying new marketing tactics.

Refocus With Social Media Audits
While you're spending the next few months preparing for the rest of the year, make sure to take the time to audit your current social media strategy. Social media auditing is a fantastic tool that provides a wealth of information. We love performing social media audits because it highlights the areas that are excelling and the areas that need improvement. Social media audits are vital for improving your outreach for the busy months to come - it allows you to sit back and see which social networks are working for your brand.

Spice Up Your Brand
Don't let the summertime slow you down, get social and build your brand personality. Use this down time to re-brand or add some spark to your online personality. Think outside box, get social and interact with your followers because engagement leads to results. Now that you have more free time, there should be no excuses! Form a brand personality by interacting with your customers online - share a funny picture, tweet or article. Customers will want to be associated with your brand because you're approachable, fun, and hip. Dollar Shave Club for example has built a brand personality that is fun, engaging, and different. It's what makes their business model so interesting and loved by customers.

Jump In The (Social Media) Pool
If your social media strategy hasn't changed all that much, you're probably stuck in the same old routine. Why not experiment a little? There are new social media platforms appearing all the time, which may lead to you to think: "I don't need to learn [social media site] because the channels I use work perfectly." It's time to shift that thinking and make room for a little change. Use the next few months to grow your other social media channels. Try creating interesting boards on Pinterest, adding behind the scenes photos/videos on Instagram and finally getting the hang of Google+ Hangouts. If the thought of learning how to use these new platforms scare you, chill out because summer is a time to enjoy and take it easy. Slowly work your way with these new channels. Taking the time to learn and try new things will benefit your business and marketing strategy.

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