Sunday, June 2, 2013

McDonald’s Social Meltdown Over Hello Kitty Promotion

This past week McDonald’s Singapore faced mega backlash from McDelivery’s online customers after mass-miscalculating the demand for their Hello Kitty Fairy Tales Collectibles. Inventory that should have lasted a full week seemed to fly out the door within minutes of being released.

In 2013 when social customer service is ever so important, unhappy McDelivery customers turned to McDonald’s Facebook fan page to complain about their displeasure's with the lack of inventory and customer service. While many comments went unanswered during the weekend, McDonald’s seems to be busy today responding back to most of their fans. Some sources say McDonald’s Singapore has deleted the majority of their offensive comments online, but you can still find many unhappy comments on their fan page. 

“We want witch!!!”

“Your HOTline cant get thru, your website ordering cant access … kindly do something … we are hungry … and we want those kitties!”

“I am extremely disappointed with your hello kitty promo. You should have expected high volume of calls due to your limited hello kitty for delivery only. After trying for 10 min on hold, the answer I get is you can’t take our orders and can only call us back! Now I don’t have my kitty nor my dinner!“

“Dear McDonald’s Singapore management, you should have anticipated the forever overwhelming orders for hello kitty. Didn’t you learn from the previous experience. Trying to call the hotlines, however, there is no response. Wanted to place online orders. And your reply is: we are currently unable to take your order as your delivery store is not able to deliver. Thank you for your understanding. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

McDonald’s social media team has been busy responding with a cookie cutter response to the majority of their comments, “Whilst we had anticipated a strong response to the launch of our McDonald’s Hello Kitty Fairy Tales collection, the number of orders received via our McDelivery service exceeded even those expectations. We thank you for sharing your valuable feedback with us.”

The downfall with McDonald’s Singapore’s decision to only offer their Hello Kitty Fairy Tales Collections through online deliveries only is that many of their regular customers not interested in happy meals, or ordering the Hello Kitty toys are being caught up in the lack of online orders and delivery system available over the weekend.

My response when I heard this story, McDonald’s delivers? Although I feel for the McDonald’s social media team dealing with the negative backlash from the weekend, the online attention has left me craving some McDonald’s. I guess no pr is bad pr. 

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  1. Crazy stuff, and this has me too thinking about some McD's fries ;)


  2. Agreed, no PR is bad PR and also, delivery Mickey D's?! Better the crazed fans lash out via social media as opposed to in person. I could see a small riot starting over a Hello Kitty.