Friday, June 21, 2013

How I Made the Switch From Employee to Consultant

This is a question I get asked often. In celebration of my company’s 2nd birthday today, I wanted to share that story with you. 

Social media as a whole is still a relatively new concept for many small business owners, although many social platforms have been around for 5+ years. 2007 really marked the start for many early adapters and curious business owners to start experimenting and really understand what platforms like Facebook and Twitter meant for their company’s online brand presence. 

How I made the switch:
In 2009 I started blogging for various companies, while maintaining their online brand presence. I quickly realized that if I wanted to be noticed in this industry, I needed to have my own online presence. As a marketer it was easy enough to brand myself online as a marketing professional.

In 2010 I began working freelance on various contracts, while still promoting myself online as a marketing professional. In no time I was receiving emails from various companies looking for help with their online marketing. Although contract work was a ton of fun, it was never my intention to go fully freelance due to the fear of the unknown and unstable pay.

It wasn’t until 2011 when I was laid off from my full time job as a marketing coordinator that I really took on the roll as a marketing consultant. I was technically “unemployed” for 2 hours, looking at my pile of freelance contract work to finish, that I decided it was time to make the switch. That evening, while contemplating what to name my new company, I signed my first client. This client came to me because of my online branding efforts, and was nice enough to bring along two referrals. It’s been 2 years now since I officiated my business, and I can honestly attribute 90% of my business leads from such platforms as Twitter, and just having a brand presence online. I’ve had many clients come to me looking for help with their social media. With them being specialists in their industry, but not knowing marketing or social media the way a marketer would, I often find us helping clients with their marketing plans and other marketing activities. Strategy within social media means nothing without proper execution, and implementation through other marketing channels as well, that’s where the consulting part comes into play.

I more so fell into this position, and began embracing every new obstacle as a fun new adventure. In 2012 I was interviewed by Ted Prodromou, author of the book The Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business, where Ted called me “a real life Twitter success story.” Twitter really has brought on some amazing opportunities for myself and my company. 

Being that I am celebrating my business’ 2nd birthday today, I look back on all the wonderful projects that I’ve worked on, successful campaigns, marketing plans and re-brands. This has been a wonderful experience, and I’m excited to see where our company will be in 2 years from now.  

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