Friday, June 7, 2013

Does a bear s*** in the woods? Not anymore thanks to DollarShaveClub

You may recognize this company from the iconic viral video “our blades are f***ing great.“ is at it again with their latest product, One Wipe Charlies, featured in the video below.

If you have ever visited the DollarShaveClub website or Facebook page, you will have noticed a more fun/edgier side to their brand, compared to their competitors. DollarShaveClub really knows how to have fun with their marketing, and their out-of-the-box thinking seems to be resonating well with their fans. 
Here are some of their fan's comments:

- I watched your videos today with the team and we couldnt stop going over everything that makes your business and brand so effin cool.
- When are you going to start shipping to the UK and Europe? Do you know how hairy we are? Have you seen a Frenchman? Then it would be the pound shave club! that makes no sense.
- You all are the definition of INCREDIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Thanks guys!!!
- I love this company/product/advertisements. thank you
- The moment i heard "Yeah bitch, butt wipes!" i went online and ordered them... way to go DSC!

DollarShaveClub's edgy/fun brand lends well to customer comments like the following:
Serious #2 Question: Is a 40 pack really enough for a one month supply of One Wipe Charlies?? I eat a LOT of Mexican cuisine..

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