Monday, April 1, 2013

Scope's Bacon Mouthwash

April Fools pranks have been a buzz all morning on social media with various companies releasing their April Fools pranks in hopes of creating viral exposure for their company.  

One company seeming to get quite a bit of attention this morning is Scope, with their bacon mouthwash. Not sure if it’s the delicious though of bacon in the morning, or the idea of your mouthwash actually tasting like bacon that is perking people’s attention, but either way, a great video. 

Bacon is always a popular topic on any social platform.

On a side note, our outside sales manager has somehow acquired a tube of bacon toothpaste and has yet to try it. We would love to hear from you: bacon toothpaste followed up with bacon flavored Scope? A good way to start off your morning, or no?

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