Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How Twitter Changed My Life

Twitter has been an amazing social platform for not only myself, but my business. It has really allowed us to connect with other like-minded marketers, but also reach out to small businesses and allow our business message to get across to those small businesses looking for social media help.

I’ve been told by several people that I truly have “a real Twitter success story.” So today I will share that story with you. 

4 Stages of Twitter Acceptance:

1. Denial: in 2007 I attended a Twitter presentation at Douglas College where I was working towards obtaining my Bachelors degree in Business Admin with a special focus on Marketing. During this presentation I listened to a social media marketer talk about the benefits of social media for companies, specifically Twitter. The presenter when through the social platform, showing us the various uses and how it could benefit us. I remember sitting there thinking to myself that this would be a social platform I would never use. I didn’t see the value in Twitter for myself or any business for that matter. 

2. Presence: I later began to work online promoting myself as a marketing professional, highlighting specific marketing skills that would eventually lead to a career in marketing. 

As part of my online branding, I started blogging about marketing campaigns that I felt of interest to me, highlighting certain companies and their marketing strategies used in various marketing 
campaigns. I started seeing traffic to my blog, but not to the standards that I was looking for. I wanted more than just the organic search traffic. 

3. Experimenting: I began experimenting with Twitter to help understand what all the hype was about. I quickly noticed my blog traffic increasing by 400% when I promoted my blogs on Twitter (when you have small traffic, a 400% increase is not that hard to achieve). On days that I did not promote my blogs on Twitter, I saw little to no traffic. This of course triggered a lightbulb affect for me and I quickly realized there was actually something to all this Twitter hype. 

4. Conversion: In 2010 I began being approached by various companies via Twitter looking for social media help. At this point I was full-fledged into the various social platforms and busy with content marketing. I officially launched my online business, MBucher Consulting, in 2011 after working on contract work for a variety of companies. My business has been happily trucking along with social media for the past few years, and we have seen wonderful success online because of social media. I can honestly attribute most of my business success to Twitter, and have been given some wonderful opportunities because of Twitter. 

In February 2013, I was featured in the book The UltimateGuide to Twitter for Business, published by the Entrepreneur Magazine, where the author Ted Prodromou writes, “it turns out Michelle has a very compelling, real Twitter success story.”

My latest Twitter opportunity came a few weeks ago when I was asked to present at a local social media meet-up about Twitter for Business. These presentations are always lots of fun, and have some great networking opportunities.

The idea for this blog post came from Minxuan Lee 

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