Sunday, April 21, 2013

5 Blog Posts That Still Drive Traffic To Our Site

1. Adidas Photobomb. When this commercial came out last summer, photobombs were all the rage on social media. Adidas took the opportunity to create some viral buzz with their photobooth in support of team GB, inviting tons of fans to help celebrate. Little did these fans know, they were about to be photobombed by David Beckham. 

A wonderful video by Adidas. It’s great to see the impact that David Beckham has on the lives of others, especially soccer fans. What would you do if you were photobombed by David Beckham?

2. JCPenney Will Be Self-Serve By 2014: Last summer JCPenney announced plans to remove cashiers from their department stores, replacing them with self-serve checkouts. Since the announcement last year, JCPenney has been in the news several times with varies strategic shifts in their business model. Last summers self-serve announcement has sparked many unhappy customers to express their dislikes via social media through the past year. We actually did a follow up post several months later because of the amount of feedback we got from unhappy customers over this blog post, and JCPenney`s announcement. 

3. Kayak Brain Surgeon: New Commercial. This blog post has been one of our top blog posts over the past year for several reasons. We originally posted this commercial last March, and after posting this blog, we receive a ton of comments from upset viewers talking about having family/friends who had suffered from brain tumors and expressing their dislike for Kayak `poking fun` at this in their latest commercial. 

One of our fans wrote in to address the substance of this commercial, noting that it was an indirect tribute to Dr. Wilder Penfield`s work as a neurosurgeon, and his work with mapping motor strips on the cortex of the brain. 

As social media grows in popularity among many small business owners, these kind of "how to" blog posts are a great source for information. We posted this blog in 2011 as stats from a study called the social breakup. The blog post highlights reasons why fans unfollow brands on Twitter. One of the primary reasons within this study was situational changes, or `"it`s not you, it`s me. "

5. Unsuccessful Twitter Campaigns: Last year seemed to be the summer for unsuccessful Twitter campaigns, as there seemed to be a several weeks where we heard companies receiving negative feedback from their online campaigns. Within this blog we gave several examples from well known companies

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