Sunday, February 17, 2013

Where do you take a sheet?

The first time I heard about this company was a few weeks ago on Google + when someone shared a picture of a Sheet’s advertisement on a billboard, marked epic marketing fail. The posting when on to talk about how this company had a spelling mistake in their campaign and in return, the message wasn’t coming across the way people though it should.

The first brand impression of this product left quite the shock value for myself and many others online who had never heard of this brand before. I had to do a double take at the billboard to make sure I read it right. It turns out Sheets Brand is using the shock value to their advantage, playing up on their slogan; Where do you take a sheet? What people are referring to online as to the failure in this advertisement is not showcasing what the product is. Many companies rely on inquiring minds to go on a viral hunt for answers.

Here is one of their advertisements on YouTube:

The overall concept seems to work well with social media, as people are encouraged to come up with fun places of where they sheet, and share their stories on the Sheets social media pages.

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Where do you take a sheet?

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