Thursday, February 14, 2013

New York Gets Quizzed on Sexual Health for Valentine’s Day

“Safe ride” taxis will be out in full force today patrolling the neighbourhoods around NYU, offering free rides in exchange for the participation of a sexual health quiz. 

The new sexual health initiative by Trojan is being called “Cash Cab meets condoms,” although the campaign has no ties to the real cash cab show. The awareness campaign is part of Trojan’s National Condom Month Promotion. This year’s campaign is expected to be quite successful, but won’t raise as many eyebrows as last year’s campaign when Trojan gave away free vibrators from various hot-dog carts around the city. 

For New Yorkers, they won’t have to worry about mistaking a “safe ride” cab from regular taxi cab in New York as the “safe ride” cabs will have a giant condom on top of the car. 

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 

Random fact: according to Nielsen data, Valentine’s Day is the best time of year for condom sales.

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