Monday, February 18, 2013

MBucher Consulting featured in the book The Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business

If social media is part of your marketing plan, or if you’re a small business owner trying to understand how Twitter can help your small business, you will love the content in the book The Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business

Author Ted Prodromou, long time internet guru, set to prove that 140 characters or less and a hashtag can dramatically grow your brand and grow your business. Prodromou takes you step by step into the Twitter verse and shows you how to align your Twitter strategy with your business. He also provides a list of 10 Twitter tools that can be applied to your internet marketing plan, along with real life success stories of businesses using Twitter. 

Michelle Bucher, owner of MBucher Consulting, was profiled in the Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business. Ted Prodromou writes, “it turns out Michelle has a very compelling, real Twitter success story.”

“I didn’t know much about [Michelle] but I saw she was quickly becoming a force on Twitter, and was impressed by how quickly she was becoming a Twitter power user,” says Prodromou.
Prodromou covers common Twitter questions like who should you follow? How many people should you follow? How often should you tweet? 

Author: Ted Prodromou
Publisher: Entrepreneur Press
Page: 185

Available on Amazon: click here

About MBucher Consulting: MBucher Consulting is an interactive marketing agency, with a special focus on Social Media Management. Driven by a passion for social media and brand building, MBucher Consulting helps companies make a strong social media impression across Canada and the USA.

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