Sunday, February 17, 2013

"I Quit" says M&M’s Spokes Candy

Facebook advertising/marketing is a hot topic among many business owners and social media marketers these days, especially with changing terms and conditions for online contests. M&M’s Canada is one of the latest brands to launch their social campaign, accounting for an increase in 2,500 fans the first week of their campaign.

As part of their latest marketing campaign, M&M’s Canada has announced that Red and Yellow M&M’s are hanging up their shells and quitting. The latest news was posted on the M&M’s Facebook fan page Feb 1st with phase two rolling out this week, called “we’re hiring.” M&M’s Canada is encouraging Facebook fans to apply for their open positions as “spokes candy” with the opportunity to design your own custom M&M candy. M&M’s Canada has also sweetened the offer by giving the lucky winner admin rights to their fan page for a day, a risky move for any company.

M&M’s Canada has also stated that their latest social campaign has awarded them “increased activity” on their fan page, of course helping their edgerank score, while also bringing brand awareness and reminder advertising to their delicious candy. 

The latest marketing campaign can also be seen offline in movie theaters across the nation, as well as in print. 

It’s not easy being delicious.

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  1. It would be sad if they cancel the M&M guys (Red, Crispy/Orange, Yellow, Ms. Green, Blue and Ms. Brown) worldwide. :(