Wednesday, December 26, 2012

4 Social Media Resolutions for 2013

One of the most popular services we offer at MBucher Consulting is social media training. Even in 2012 there are still more and more new people interested in learning about social media. With every new training session, we learn a little something about our clients.

2013 signifies a fresh start to the new year. It’s only natural that with the excitement of a new year comes a new wave of social media enthusiasts ready to explore such channels as Twitter, Pinterest and Foursquare. Today I wanted to share our top 4 social media resolutions for our clients.

1. Learn one channel at a time
We often come across some eager beavers looking to learn everything and anything about social media, wanting to dive in with both feet. We recommend that you invest your time in one platform, giving yourself the opportunity to build a solid foundation on that platform before moving onto another.

Those looking to learn a little about every platform right off the bat often find themselves overwhelmed, wondering where to begin. Resolution #1 is to learn one social channel at a time.

2. Interact with your followers
All too often we come across social media accounts that promote, promote, promote. These accounts are using one sided conversations to promote a product/service, but lack the customer engagement, leaving customer questions unanswered. Make this one of your top resolutions for 2013, communicate and interact with your followers.

3. Consistency is key
This is a big one for the do-it-yourselves. We often run training sessions for a large variety of clients; from musicians, to small business owners, spiritual healers, and catering companies. These clients are quite eager to get started with social media, but that eagerness wears off with time (especially when everyday business needs get in the way). We often see page interaction drop off for months at a time.

Remember, you don’t need to be posting every hour, but it is important to keep some kind of regular interaction with your fans. Resolution # 3: Keep things consistent when it comes to your social media.

4. Don’t give up
We have mentioned a few times in our blog post about consistency and staying active on your social media channels. It’s important to keep at it. They say, the average new blogger stays at it for an average of 3 months before throwing in the towel, because their expected results were not met. We often see this with Facebook and Twitter as well. Excited new comers are here to embrace social media, but how long will this last for? Resolution # 4 is to not give up on your social media channels right away if you don’t see the results you are looking for.

What are your social media resolutions for 2013?

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