Wednesday, October 10, 2012

JCPenney Going Self-Serve: Consumer Feedback

This is a follow up post to my last blog about JCPenney, “CEO of JCPenney opts to remove cashiers and go self-serve by 2014

I have been promoting this blog through my social media channels over the past few months and am amazed with the amount of feedback I have been receiving from followers.

Below is some of the feedback I have received on Twitter:

‏@fspencer5: “that is wild. Will there be any jobs left? Guess I need to work on my robot .. lol”
@accatalano: “Yes, customer service is king for all business. Not sure what drives JCP decision but the "no sale price" idea was also a flop.”
@accatalano: “Why not just become an online store then?”
@AE_Croft: “I will never shop at JCPenney again if they decide to do that. It's outrageous.”
@samuelnumsen: “a move in the wrong direction. Just another way to get even less human interaction.”
@JamesDownie1: “That move and many like it make me sick to be honest.”
@theforgestyle: “That's ridiculous!”
@Chloe_lala: “@BarackObama is blamed for not doing enough about unemployment. And then this happens. Hmmm... “ 
@SiraMaraUSA: “CEO of JCPenney opts to remove cashiers and go self-serve by 2014 ” terrible!!!”

Bruce Dybvad at brand consultancy Interbrand commends JCPenney's attempt to turn things around, but he's worried about the amount of input consumers are getting regarding all the changes. Customers have been confused and unwilling to go along with the new image.

Dybvad also writes that JCPenney is the perfect example of what happens when a big-time retailer "fails to keep pace, listen, and respond."' (Source)

What do you think of JCPenney`s decision to remove their cashiers? Make sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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