Sunday, September 16, 2012

Taco Bell Delivers 10 000 Free Tacos To Bethel Alaksa

A few months ago the town of Bethel, Alaska was advised that the town was going to be getting a taco bell. After much hype from 6,200 residents, they later learned that the news was just a hoax.

The Associated Press in Alaska commented on the town’s food choices, noting that many of the dozen or so restaurants in town serve a similar menu, and the only standout restaurant in town is a Subway.

Sadly the hoax started with a rumor from one neighbour to another, in an effort to piss off the other neighbour. The prankster even went as far as to create flyers encouraging people to apply for positions at the new store.
After word got out about the disappointed residents, executives at Taco Bell decided to fly ingredients out to Bethel, Alaska to feed to residents of the town. More than 10,000 tacos were given out at Taco Bell Fest with many local residents going back for second and third helpings. It is estimated to most of the town came out for this once in a lifetime event.

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