Sunday, September 9, 2012

Issues Over City of Calgary New Branding

A Calgary based advertising agency has recently expressed their displeasure with the City of Calgary after submitting a RFP, and later learning that the Calgary Economic Department allegedly used their ideas in their new campaign without crediting the advertising agency. 

In 2010, the City of Calgary’s Economic Department put out a call for RFP’s, asking to promote the city’s business park and encouraging businesses to move into the city of Calgary. Mosaic Studios was one of the advertising agencies to submit an RFP, with the tagline “There’s a New Energy in Calgary, Be Part if It.” 

In 2011, the City of Calgary awarded the job to a different advertising agency and moved forward with a  new campaign with the tagline “Calgary; Be Part of the Energy.”

Melodie Creegan, president of Mosaic Studios commented saying she was of course disappointed when her firm lost the bid, but was even more surprised when the city unveiled their latest campaign. “That was definitely shocking to see our idea re-skinned and launched. The creative looked different, but the heart of the message was the same.”

Bruce Graham, president of the City of Calgary Economic Department insists that his department did not use the creative ideas from Mosaic Studios, “we have a process that is used for evaluating all our RFP’s, which is based on a number of criteria including team competency, project methodology, community engagement, ability to execute and project fees. We also have a strict rule of

Graham noted that Mosaic Studios was not the only advertising agency to play with the word Energy in their RFP. “I would point out that the concept if using the term “Energy” in relation to Calgary was developed long before this RFP [was submitted].”

At this time no action has been taken between the agency and the City of Calgary Economic Department.  

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