Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Grey Poupon Takes A Different Approach To Their Facebook Campaign

I have to give Grey Poupon credit for their latest social media campaign, aside from being a mustard fan I am also a fan of the creativity behind their latest social media campaign. Most social media campaigns consist of building a fan base by increasing likes or encouraging people to visit and like your page. Grey Poupon has taken a more prestigious approach to their latest campaign, stating that only fans who have liked their fan page are considered to have good taste. The fan page is even set up to encourage people to apply for membership to the “Society of Good Taste” where an algorithm determines whether they a “cut the mustard or not.” A much different approach to many Facebook campaigns.

The mustard algorithm is said to be set to search profiles for proper use of grammar, art taste, various check ins, and personal interest. But be warned, the algorithm is said to detect if a user has poor taste, and if so will be rejected. Those who do not cut the mustard will have their like deleted from the fan page, and be asked to modify their profile interest before coming back.

What do you think, will you cut the mustard test?

I have to say, the process of applying for the Society of Good Taste is actually pretty cool. With a slight chance of not being accepted into the society on Facebook, it really does keep you entertained.

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