Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hallmark Targeting Kids With New Cellphoneless Texting

Hallmark has recently announced a few form of texting, targeted towards tweens who are too young to own a cell phone yet. Dan Bengert, director of advertising for Hallmark Canada says many children want to own their own tablet or smartphone, but many parents may not want their children owning their own gadgets just yet due to financial worries, or safety concerns. 

Hallmark seems to have found a way around that.  The company has chosen to offer a watch looking bracelet that allows children to send and receive messages wirelessly. The catch, users have to fist bump or high five in order to share the message, or at least be in physical contact with each other. Hallmark says this will help lessen the danger of communication with strangers.

“The product addresses those [parent] issues,” says Bengert. “We understand how important it is for young people to communicate with their friends. This is a fun way they can do so without having the responsibility of a cell phone at a young age.”

As part of their pre-launch PR campaign, the company opted to give away over  free bracelets to potential consumers at such places like Canada’s Wonderland in Toronto and the Greater Vancouver Zoo, in Aldergrove BC.

What do you think of this new product? Please make sure to leave a comment. 
If you have a tween, would you buy this for your child?

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