Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bosley’s Pet Food Plus Rebrand

As a marketer, these kind of news releases are always of interest to me. 

Bosley’s Pet Food Plus recently announce an aggressive rebranding, after a massive expansion of their Richmond, BC location. This new rebranding effort will included a brand awareness campaign, customer loyalty program, and targeted media buys.

Chanelle Dupre, director of marketing and communications for Bosley’s Pet Food Plus says the new logo reflects the store’s effort to be more eco-friendly, and natural in their brand positioning in the market. 

“Our positioning is a lot different from the big box [stores],” says Dupre. “Our target consumers are pet parents who are very knowledgeable about pet health and the wellness of their pets.”

Dupre said the company is working in their differentiation strategy from big box stores by focusing on the quality of their premium natural products. The company is also focusing their expansion effort on offering such accessories like Halloween costumes, rain jackets and even “blink,” which has quickly become a must have fashion accessory for many pet food owners. 

Much of the marketing support in this new campaign will be focused on new store openings, supplemented with Grand Opening sales in their stores, as well as classes for doc obedience and pet nutrition sessions. 

Look for the new campaign/brand on Global TV, radio, print and of course social media over the coming weeks.

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