Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pepsi’s New Global Campaign

Pepsi is about to officially launch their first global campaign, starting May 7 in the US.
After an intense consumer research session that took 9 months to complete, Pepsi now has a clearer definition of what Pepsi represents and plans to inextricably link their brand with entertainers globally.
As part of the campaign, Pepsi now plans to align their company with emerging entertainers or artists from a variety of disciplines, from music to sports. Their first spotlight will feature a cameo from performer Nicki Minaj, named a “rising star” by Billboard last year.

“When we look at what Pepsi really stands for, we’ve been an entertainment platform for as far back as anyone can remember,” said Simon Lowden, CMO of PepsiCo. “But there have been times in the last decade where we haven’t been in the right place in entertainment around the world, haven’t been at the forefront.”
Pepsi decided to use Minaj in the campaign after execs heard the lyrics to her song “Moment 4 Life.” The lyrics: “I wish  that I could have this moment for life. ‘Cuz in this moment I just feel so alive,” parallel Pepsi’s strategy of capturing the excitement of now. That song will also be used in the launch commercial.
As a way to embody the “now” portion of their new branding, Pepsi plans to update their Pulse platform, which was previously used during X Factor and will be a centerpiece of the campaign. The platform is meant to be a Pepsi-curated “dashboard of pop culture” ranking tweets, pictures and news items from the world of entertainment by popularity. It will be possible to organize content around categories such as music, design and sports using this platform.
In comparison from Coke vs Pepsi, this picture really shows Pepsi’s lack of consistent branding. What do you think, does Pepsi have a clear visit of their branding or do you think it is smart for a company like Pepsi to reinvent themselves continuously?

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