Friday, April 6, 2012

Telemarketing Companies Break the Rules for the Do Not Call List

The Canadian Telecom regulators have recently announced they are still finding telemarketing companies who haven’t followed the rules when it comes to the Do Not Call List.
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunication Commission announced last week that it issued citations to over 70 companies and levied fines to 11 different cases, totaling $41,000.
This is pretty big news considering the large flood of consumers rushing to register for the Do No Call List the first day it was released. As a marketer I get these calls all the time and hate them!
You will be happy to hear that this is not the first time a telemarketing company has been fined since the Do Not Call List came out, and the CRTC takes this matter very seriously. Since the release of the Do No Call List, the CRTC has issued over $2 million in penalties against telemarketing companies who violate the rules.
For those who don’t know, the Do Not Call List was set in place to protect consumers from receiving unwanted sales calls.


  1. People can always provide the phone number of the caller as it appears on your call display, to scam companies. Once you submit the phone number of the caller it will then be posted online, and can be found by anyone who looks up the number in the website's database, and even through a general Internet search.

  2. That was a huge penalties for the telemarketing companies.Do not call list is very helpful to us because sometimes those unwanted sales call are fraud or scam.