Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rogers Twitter Backlash

Last week Rogers Communication launched an interactive social media campaign to help promote their Rogers One Number, where the company allows users of their service to text, talk and voice call all from either their cell phone or home phone under one phone number.
Rogers executed their new social media campaign by using the promoted tweets on Twitter, allowing their promoted tweet to sit atop Twitter for most of the day last week. Within their promoted tweet they showcased the hashtag #Rogers1Number which coincided with their communication campaign.
By utter surprise, consumers began using the new hashtag to tweet complains to Rogers about their service. The number of complaints that came rushing in was so large that it attracted the attention of such news outlets like the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail, who began reporting on the issue.
I personally enjoyed reading some of the tweets, some are quite funny and others are more personal with bad experiences. It was interesting to see the amount of tweeters recommending other service providers.
One tweeter put this whole mess into perspective:
@ToBSuccessful: #Rogers1Number paying to have this trend promoted just made it easier to read the world’s negative thoughts about Rogers. #CounterProductive.
Of course in response to the large wave of negative feedback, @RogersBuzz posted “We’re on Twitter to listen & help. We’re hearing you loud & clear today. You can reach us at @RogersHelp #Rogers1Number cc: @globeandmail.” Of course the Globe and Mail was included in this tweet after reading a new article entitled “Rogers marketers feel the wrath of Twitter.”
As of last week the number of negative complaints were still being measured, and Rogers reportedly brought in 10 extra employees to help manage and maintain their Twitter account, and help engage with customers.
There is an interesting dynamic from this story that all marketers can learn from. A Rogers customer named Senay Johnson said it best “If Rogers were “listening” in the first place they should’ve seen this coming.”

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