Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Monitoring Your Brand Image: Advice From A Social Media Expert

This is an important topic that I see underutilized more and more, and something I always preach to my clients during social media training sessions.
First off monitoring mentions and RT’s are an important concept when it comes to effective social media management, and something I always offer my clients in my social media maintenance packages. I have a few great examples for you this morning.
I recently joined a social media group on Facebook and shared one of my recent blog posts about QR codes. By continuously monitoring mentions and RT’s on Twitter I later learned someone in that group liked my blog post enough to share it on Twitter “A very very cool QR code promotion from India by Michelle Bucher... Check it out! http://fb.me/1GSxMSyoF.” And of course the only reason why I found this blog post was by monitoring any mentions about myself or my company.
This morning I noticed a tweet about my company, “MBucher Consulting - Professional Services - White Rock, BC - Wall ... http://bit.ly/w2z9fM.“  I of course am very happy to see a tweet like this; it’s free publicity for my company. I find it interesting because I am not following this person, and have noticed they are not following me on Twitter, but somehow they know my company name and have chosen to share that with their Twitter followers.
For this Tuesday morning, I leave you with this: search Twitter for your name, your company name, any products you might sell and see who is talking about you (what are they saying). You might be pleasantly surprised like I was.
To those who mentioned me in their tweets, I thank you, and of course thanks for reading. If you’re not already, follow me on Twitter @m_bucher or connect with me on facebook

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