Sunday, February 12, 2012

Key to Viano by Mercedes

This is a great example of a company thinking outside the box with their latest marketing campaign. Mercedes recently launched an interactive marketing campaign giving consumers a firsthand look at the new Viano.
The idea behind the campaign is brilliant. Mercedes had a very good understanding of their target audience. They understood that many tourists like to drive to Berlins famous FriedrichstraBe station and park their cars there, and use the underground rail system to get around. This of course means one thing; these tourists are guaranteed to have their car keys on them.
Mercedes took things one step further and created 12 digital interactive billboards, encouraging people who passed by to use their car keys to open 1 of the 12 Vianos. People who opened an empty Viano were invited to take an exclusive trip in a new Viano.
Check out the video: I would love to hear what you think of this campaign.

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