Monday, February 6, 2012

GoDaddy commercials not a hit at the SuperBowl

Over the course of the past few days I have seen multiple tweets coming across Twitter with unhappy consumers voicing their opinions about the recent GoDaddy commercials viewed during the SuperBowl yesterday.
I was quite amazed to see the amount of people that felt the same way and I did about their commercials. Aside from the sexist problems their commercials portray, they are just overall bad commercials with an inefficient message. To be honest, for a long time I didn’t really understand what GoDaddy was or what their services offered were. Their commercials need a bit of work, and so does their messaging. As a small business owner, the commercials really don’t make me jump all over wanting to host my domain name with their company.
Consumer feedback is one of the most important things for a business, and it’s important for businesses to listen to their consumers and potential consumers to better understand their marketing efforts. I wanted to pass along some of the things people on Twitter are saying about GoDaddy:
@RepresentPledge: Again, @godaddy, please hire a new creative team. We're still #notbuyingit #superbowl.
@ashedge: Dear @godaddy Your commercials so insulting to women. Women are not commodities #notbuyingit
@JasonBWhitman: Hi @GoDaddy , your ads pretty well stunk tonight, and so does your support of #SOPA et al legislation.
@georgecaweiner: Thanks @godaddy superbowl commercials for reminding me how happy I am we moved our @dosomething domains away from you.
@susie_parker:  Why does .@GoDaddy think women don't buy domain names or have tech-based businesses? Ignoring/insulting huge market segment. #BrandBowl
@buchandoit: @godaddy and what's with the women participating in that? One giant leap backward for women everywhere. Thanks @jillianmichaels.
@EugeneCho:: Dear @GoDaddy: Your objectification and exploitation of women disgust me. #HopeAnElephantStompsAllOverYourServers
@ABusinessGuru: Got to be kidding! Shameful!! " @MarioAndretti: Props to @GoDaddy Creative Team and @DanicaPatrick for great Super Bowl commercials."
@designseeds: had a "promoted" @GoDaddy tweet to vote for my fav commercial~how about 1 to not alienate female business owners #MoreBrainsLessBooty
@nicoleunice: I am moving 500 domains from @GoDaddy and ALL women with domains need to leave sexist #GoDaddy!!//THAT!!!
@designseeds: & don't overlook how many guys are also bummed out by @GoDaddy commercials ~just saying they are telling me they don't want me as a customer
@mdikhram: @GoDaddy's sexist #SuperBowl commercials may sell domains to men who think with 2 heads. Women think with the head that counts.


  1. Those commercials are stupid... and misleading. Plus, if you really wanted to look at naked women on the internet, why would you look at GoDaddy's website?