Friday, January 6, 2012

Year in Review: MBucher Consulting

As we begin to ramp up our marketing efforts for 2012, we look back on the success of MBucher Consulting and analyze our top blog posts for 2011.
In descending order, here are our top blog posts for 2011:
1. Craigslist Scam: Octavius Stotwell

Although this blog has nothing to do with Marketing, I wrote about my Craigslist scam experience that I encountered while trying to sell something on Craigslist. To this date, this is the highest searched blog on our site. With well over 30 comments from other people, this blog continues to warn people of the dangers of being scammed on Craigslist.

Creative QR Code Campaign: I like Diesel

This is a great QR Code campaign strategy for those interested in QR Codes

3. Coupon Crackdown

Another blog that really has nothing to do with marketing, but great insight into the world of couponing and what retailers are doing to stop people from stock piling free products

4. 5 Ways to Lost Twitter Followers

This is a great blog with amazing insight into why people stop following others on Twitter. This blog will give you some great insight into consumers way of thinking on Twitter, and how they utilize their accounts (interact with brands on Twitter).

5. Important Scam Alert: Octavius Shotwell

This was my original blog post about the Craigslist scam that I encountered. Similar to my follow up blog, this blog has received over 20 comments from others encountering the same problem as me. A great read for those who frequent Craigslist.

6. 6 Interesting Places To Visit in America

For those of you who don’t know, besides being a business owner and lover of all things marketing, I also have a passion for road tripping and exploring other cities and countries. In this blog I comprised a list of top 6 places to visit in America. These are places that may not be found on other top 10 lists of places to visit.

7. Barbie Causing Problems For New Body Shop Ad

This controversial ad became quite the viral sensation in mid 2011. It seemed everywhere I looked, people were talking about this. Turns out this controversial ad was not new to the market. There has been conflicting reports that this ad was first published in 1998, but became popular again in 2006 and 2008.

8. Facebook Targeting Their Social Media Marketing At Small Business Owners

In September of 2011 Facebook announced the launch of their recent marketing campaign aimed towards small business owners in an effort to increase Facebook advertising dollars.

9. Social Media Marketing Budget 

This is a great blog for those who use social media marketing in their business and marketing efforts. In 2011 I began a small business specializing in social media marketing training for small businesses. I run social media marketing accounts for a variety of companies and this blog incorporates my personal experience with regards to social media marketing budgets

10. Drowning Awareness Campaign; What Does It Have To Do With Vancouver Taxi

This was an interesting campaign that came up mid-summer, in an effort to bring awareness to the dangers of the waters. From a marketing perspective there was a great concept for this campaign, but the marketer in me still to this day can not see the tie between drowning and Vancouver Taxi. Jordan Doucette, creative director at Vancouver Taxi, noted this campaign to be a perfect awareness campaign for their target audience. Although I get the concept behind their thinking of this campaign, I think it could have been better executed from the Vancouver Taxi’s perspective. Or a more form fitting partnership would have been better suited for the Lifesavers Society of BC besides the Vancouver Taxi (say St. John Ambulance).

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