Sunday, January 22, 2012

Turquoise Cottage QR Code Campaign

This is a great commercial.
Turquoise Cottage, a popular bar in the city of New Delhi, recently featured a creative QR code campaign in their bar in an effort to make their customers bar experience more fun, engaging and responsible. Turquoise Cottage chose to reinvent the usual admittance bar stamp into something much cooler, a QR code, or as the bar called it “The buddy stamp.”
How the stamp works: between 8 – 10 pm the customers were given bar offers and discounts after scanning their QR code. Between 10 pm – 6 am, when customers scanned the QR code they were given call-a-cab services. Between 6 am and 4 pm customers were offered hangover tips.
Results: the bar reported an overwhelming response. With 85% of smart phone users opting for the buddy stamp in the club, customers even shared their experience online (via social networking sites, which helped promote the local bar to other Facebook users). This one stamp became their responsible drinking buddy for the entire night!

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