Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kraft Dinner's new marketing campaign

Kraft Dinner has recently launched their latest marketing campaign, encouraging consumers to enter their Facebook battle zone by participating in a series of challenges.
The new campaign launched January 9th with a tv commercial driving consumers to their Facebook fan page where consumers can upload and share photos of them including Kraft Dinner in an unexpected way.
The challenge is a playful take on the infamous photo sharing contents implemented by many many businesses.
“It ties into what our consumers are playing with online,” said Jordan Fietje, senior brand manager at Kraft Dinner, referring to the number of pictures that consumers share online. This is of course a great concept that is well used on many social media platforms. Many campaigns similar to this are often under executed and not well utilized. Kraft Dinner of course has that coolness factor where consumers want to share their photos with other fans just for fun.
There are still 4 more challenges to come after this one has finished. The results thus far, Kraft Dinner’s Facebook fan page has increased by 24,000 members since the campaign begun.

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